Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Some corners of Baagh (باغ)

To put in display some corners of the Baagh (باغ), I post here eight photos from places of respect in and around Hamadan, the old city of western part of Iran. I have taken them from a collection of sixteen photos published by Fardin Chardowli.

Ganj Nameh Inscriptions کتیبه های گنج نامه- Two rock carving inscription panels, written in cuneiform, belonging to Acamenid era

The Armenian Grigori Stephanos Church کلیسای گرگوری استپانوس- rebuilt in 1931, part of Hegmataneh complex

Mausoleum of Esther and Mordecai آرامگاه استر و مردخای- building belongs to 7th century A.H.

Tomb of Prophet Habakkuk آرامگاه حبقوق نبی- a minor prophet of the Old Testament, 700 BCE. The building belongs to the Seleucid era

Jame Mosque مسجد جامع- built originally in the Safavid period, rebuilt and expanded in Qhajars period

Gonabad-e Alavian گنبد علويان- tombs of two members of Alavi family, Seleucid era

Avicenna Mausoleum آرامگاه پور سينا- tomb of the Persian philosopher Ebn Sina, constructed 1330 Solar A.H.

Tomb of Baba Taher آرامگاه بابا طاهر عريان- Persian poet and mystic. His couplets are of the most appealing ones in Persian poetry.
چو شو گيرم خيال تو در آغوش
سحر از بسترم بوی گل آيو

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