Sunday, 28 December 2008

Georgian - Persian Dictionary

Georgian-Persian Dictionary by Nowrouz Lachinani, Esfahan: Sepahan Publishers, 1386 (2007) is the first of its kind in our recent history.

The following is in Georgian: the characters will not be legible on your desktop unless a Georgian font is installed:
ქართშლ–სპარსული ლექსიკონი (ნუგზარ ლაჩინანი)
You find more information in Georgian by clicking here.

A short account of the Georgian paper follows. I am indebted to dear Manana Kock-Kobaidze, University of Malmö, for providing the link and the English rendering:

"Jamsheed Giunashvili gives a short overview of the history of Georgian-Persian dictionaries. One was compiled in the 17th century by Gorgidzhanidze, some new short
Persian-Georgian dictionaries were compiled and published in Georgia in the 20th century and then one a bit longer dictionary (2500 words) was published in Iran in 2004 as an appendix to Leila Geguchadze's Georgian for Persian learners. The book was published in Rasht, Iran.
The latest Georgian-Persian dictionary compiled by Nouruz (Nugzar)Lachinani includes 16000 words. It was published in 3000 ex. in 2007."

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