Monday, 22 December 2008

Metamorphosis- Turtles

I heard the following story of metamorphosis in my childhood in Ramhormoz, Southwestern province of Khuzestan, Iran:

Once upon a time, the sky was so close at hand that people could easily stretch their hands and get from it whatever they wanted. In one of those days, a woman was baking bread while her child was playing by. The child, out of necessity, made itself dirty. To clean it, not bothering to use a piece of cloth or something, the mother used bread to wipe the dirt out.
Outraged by this, the heaven took the hot baking pan and pressed it on the woman's back, pushing at the same time the baking stick inside her from behind through to her mouth, thus transforming her into a turtle. It was in this way that turtles came into being.
Thenceforward, the sky went up, so high and far from access that no human hand can reach.

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