Monday, 22 December 2008

The Female and the Bear

I heard the following fable in my childhood in Ramhormoz, Southwestern province of Khuzestan, Iran, but I know that it has a wider circulation area. I gave an account of it in one of my critical writing in Persian years ago. Not being sure if the fable is recorded elsewhere, I publish it to post here so that it is not forgotten!

A woman doing the dishes on the bank of her village stream was approached by a bear from behind, grabbing and dragging her to his den. Felling in love with the woman, the bear licked continuously the sole of her feet so that they became utterly thin. As a result, the woman, unable to move and leave the cave, stayed there with him for good.

Are females human and male folk beast?!


  1. perspectives of our society proves the reverse of this case. Men abandonment of their home is particularly in evidence in Iran these days. But as a joke It's so risible. My father used to say this joke to our family in some parties. lol

  2. Maryam,
    The fable is not an allegory of abandoning homes by females, rather their becoming captives by men.